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As an artist I’m basically self taught, with some 20 years experience as an art teacher. That aside, the basic foundation for my artistry is one year at Steinerseminariet and several courses at Gerleborgsskolan.

When I started out I preferred working in aquarelle with an idiom in geometrical characteristics.
Come the millennium I transitioned into acrylics, however, still working with layer upon layer in transparent colours.
Over time I began using a more organic idiom where I let light and shadow create movement.
At present the organic emerges with the geometrical, quite often using nature as inspiration and starting point.
I create my pictures with the help of paint brushes, knives, rags and my hands.


The art of painting – basically self taught

Gerleborgsskolan – several courses

Rudolf Steinerseminariet – year 2 for art teachers

Curruculum vitae


2018- on going

Principal, assistant principal Primary school and senior high school

2011- 2018

Art teacher Primary School

1997 – 2013

Atelierista, young children

1994 – 1998


Galleri Karlavägen 70


Ateljé & Galleri Ewa


Galleri Greger


Tyresö bibliotek


Galleri Aguéli


Galleri Aguéli, Stockholm


Tullgarn Castle, Orangeriet, Nyköping


Member of Tyresö konstförening and Tyresö Konstrundan

I tutor children, teenagers and preschool teachers in creative art.
I work as an artist and an art teacher at Fisksätra Folkets hus.
I have a long experience of teaching different techniques in acrylics, aquarelle and mixed media.
I teach beginners as well as those who have come further.

We all have our own way of expressing ourselves, and we have our own styles. We are all as diverse as are our different signatures, right?!
As an art teacher I’m used to create a warm and safe environment, in order to enable and encourage students to find their creativity.
A group can be important for support and various input, but the opportunity of solitude should also be available.

I’m happy to receive inquiries from galleries, and I’m open for different opportunities of exhibitions.
Are you interested in buying one of my paintings?
Send me your e-mail and tell me which one you’re interested in.
Payment through invoice or swish.

Ateljé&Galleri Ewa

Stadsparken 6, Tyresö/Stockholm

E-mail info@ewakinnunen.se
Telephone +46 76 140 78 88


From Gullmarsplan, 20 minutes by bus to Tyresö centrum.
Situated just 50 metres from the bus station

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